Nikita Bogolyubov was born in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia). He had his first taste of being an entertainer via ice skating when he was only four years old. His family immigrated to the US when Nikita was eight years old which allowed him to stay fluent in both English and Russian.

Nikita's first primetime moment came from NBC's PRIME SUSPECT where he had a scene opposite of Maria Bello. Wanting to showcase more of his versatility, he looked into collaborating with American Film Institute (AFI) fellows.

One of his goals is to transcend and re-shape Russian stereotypes in Hollywood.


Nikita appears in the Season 2 premiere of LEGION as ALBERT A.

ABC's Castle episode "Dead Red" opens with Nikita playing Grigory Mishkin.

Nikita appeared in the feature film RIOT which stars Dolph Lundgren.

Nikita co-starred alongside Jon Kortajarena in VERSUS.

KARAGANDA received 6 award wins, and an official selection in 22 festivals.

THE SARATOV APPROACH opened to a box-office success, garnered 6 wins and 7 nominations for awards, and even got Nikita personal praise from Larry King at the Los Angeles premiere.